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【Performance Test】2013 SSD Performance Test- 512 GB

Published Aug.13 2013,11:24 AM (GMT+8)




In this section, let’s put cost aside and take a look at how high-capacity SSDs performed. In this high-capacity performance test, each SSD is known to be made of high-capacity flash memory using the latest technology. What we are concerned about the most is whether the performance will be different between this combination and 8 channels SSD.


Throughout the IOPS test of AS-SSD, we can see the outstanding performance of SanDisk’s Extreme II. The result of this type of SSD is also remarkable for unsorted data. This should be highly relevant to the parts and channel processors used by SanDisk.


In the copy benchmark test, the performance of Apace Industrial SFD 25V-M and Transcend SSD 720 is both outstanding and thus we can estimate that the 8 channel SSD performance is about the same. Under the budget limitation, Apacer’s 320GB SSD is a good option to buy.

Linear velocity is an important category that must be tested. In the AS-SSD test, we can see that Apacer and SanDisk both outperformed the others. However, in the CrystalDiskMark test, it’s not difficult to see that the performance of Transcend SSD720 received a significant boost in performance. This shows, in some ways, that when it comes to write performances, Transcend’s firmware isn’t necessarily always equipped with the capacity to perform all the perations optimally. The performance of Plextor M5 Pro, by comparison, remains the same regardless of the types of written tests used. Our conclusion for the above tests is as follows – Apart from Plextor, each SSD has the capability to process part of the read/write data effectively. Although it could be difficult to optimize all aspects of a performance, the SSD which can support the most application modes is likely to come up with the better benchmark scores. The reason why there is no significant change towards the efficiency of Plextor is because the adjustment has been made to maintain the longevity of SSD itself.



In the HDTunePro v5.0 test, we can see that the random access performance of Plextor M5 Pro is relatively good. Transcend SSD720 and Apacer Industrial SFD 25V-M, on the other hand, stand out in terms of overall performance. As usual, the read and write result appears to be the same for SanDisk’s Extreme II.


Judging from both IOPS and the speed of read/write, the performance of Apacer Industrial SFD 25V-M can be highly competitive if the price is not too expensive. In addition, the SSD showed impressive IOPS rates when performing random write operations.