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Published Nov.11 2019,15:10 PM (GMT+8)
According to the latest analysis from the DRAMeXchange research division of TrendForce, Q4 DRAM ASP is as of yet undergoing a slight QoQ decline...
Published Oct.22 2019,17:06 PM (GMT+8)
When it comes to the best RAM, higher end kits typically play things fast and loose—that's to say, the faster RAM is rated to run, the looser the timings. That's not so with G.Skill's new "extreme low latency" 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4-4000 memory kits.
Published Oct.15 2019,10:40 AM (GMT+8)
G.Skill expanded two of its main product lines: the Trident Z Neo kits and the Trident Z Royal memory kits. The highest capacity kit, as well as the highest speed kit (unfortunately, you won't get both)
Published Sep.26 2019,04:14 AM (GMT+8)
The global market research firm TrendForce reports that the average contract price of 8GB PC DRAM modules remained constant at US$25.5 in August...
Published Sep.17 2019,02:21 AM (GMT+8)
TrendForce’s latest analysis of the SSD market finds that the total worldwide shipments of branded SSDs bound for the channel (retail) market in 2018...
Published Sep.12 2019,18:24 PM (GMT+8)
Over the past few months, overclockers have come tantalizing close to overclocking DDR4 RAM to 6GHz, but nobody's quite been able to get there. Well, until now.
Published Sep.10 2019,09:45 AM (GMT+8)
G.Skill rarely lets a lot of time pass in between launching new memory kits, but what is a company to do when it already offers high-speed and high-capacity RAM? Combine them into one, of course.
Published Sep.09 2019,02:27 AM (GMT+8)
TrendForce’s latest analysis of the server market finds that the global demand was noticeably lower than usual during 1H19 on account of the escalation of the US-China trade dispute...
Published Sep.05 2019,13:45 PM (GMT+8)
Tsinghua Unigroup announced on August 27 that it has signed an agreement with the Chongqing government to establish an R&D center...
Published Sep.03 2019,14:13 PM (GMT+8)
Taiwan’s Lite-On Technology Corp. (Lite-On) announced on August 30 that it will offload the entire stake of its SSD business to Toshiba Memory Holdings Corp...
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