DRAMeXchange was established in 2000 as a research unit focusing on the memory supply chain. Since its inception, DRAMeXchange has produced in-depth analyses on a wide range of topics in the DRAM and NAND Flash industries, such as market environment, technological development, performances of individual companies, and the distribution of manufacturing capacity.

To better satisfy the specific needs of our clients, DRAMeXchange has launched a “Customized Consulting Service” that offers immediate and direct connection to our analysts via conference call. This new and convenient service targets clients that require professional solutions and guidance that deal with their particular inquiries and challenges.

Customized Consulting Service can help you…

Personal Consulting

Save time and effort by quickly identifying your inquiries and providing services tailored to your specific needs.

Cost Effective

Access professional counseling at a low cost.


Catch the pulse of the market with the assistance of our vast digital database.

Priceless Info

Obtain the latest market intelligence without committing enormous amounts of resources.

We are capable of offering…

  • Analysis of the global memory market by regions.

  • Analysis of the process technologies owned by respective manufacturers.

  • Market forecasts covering price trends, supply, and demand.

  • Analysis of capacity and output of manufacturers and the development of the competitive landscape.

  • In-depth review of government policies related to development of memory industries.

  • First-hand and follow-up report on events that have an impact on the memory market.

Our research covers…

How to proceed

Please send us your inquiry using the con-call request form

The DRAMeXchange Team


Ken Kuo

Senior Research Vice President

Research Areas:
  • - DRAM, Server DIMM, Consumer DRAM

Avril Wu

Research Vice President

Research Areas:
  • - PC DRAM, Server DRAM, Mobile DRAM, Smartphone

Ben Yeh


Research Areas:
  • - NAND Flash and eMMC

Bryan Ao


Research Areas:
  • - Enterprise SSDs, NAND Flash Market

Joanne Chiao


Research Areas:
  • - Foundry

Mia Huang

Research Manager

Research Areas:
  • - Mobile DRAM, Smartphone

Mark Liu

Senior Analyst

Research Areas:
  • - Datacenter, Server DRAM, Server CPU & Related Server Supply Chain