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【Performance Test】2013 SSD Performance Test- Test Project

Published Apr.22 2013,16:07 PM (GMT+8)


【 Purpose and benefits 】

‧ DRAMeXchange provides accurate test results and makes comprehensive comparison between mainstream and advanced
     SSD products in the market to fully reflect SSDs performance and transfer rates

‧All of the participating SSD vendors will have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and product sales

‧ DRAMeXchange's professional evaluation will strengthen SSD vendor's market position and sharpen its competitive edge

Participants of 2011 SSD Performance Test
ADATA Apacer BIWIN Richmax/SuperSSpeed
Sandisk Kingston OCZ Teamgroup
Solidata Kingmax Patriot Tigo
Intel Micron/Crucial Transcend Memoright
Carry Corsair Wintec PLDS

【 2012 SSD Performance test 】

【 Category 】

SATA III Interface: Divided into three categories based on SSDs measurement of storage.

【 Project Presentation 】

‧ One page product introduction of individual SSD ( including image, spec, and efficiency) prior to 2013 Computex

‧ Distribution of SSD test results and press release after 2013 Computex to meet SSD vendors promotional needs

‧ Test reports will be released on Chinese/English website at the end of June to gain worldwide exposure.

【 Testing criteria 】

Comprehensive test scores of these five factors

‧ Transfer rate

‧ Access time

‧ Boot time

‧ File-copying speed

‧ Read and write performance

【 Project evaluation 】

Performance comparisons between 4 measurements

‧ AS SSD Benchmark -------Measure overall performance

‧ CrystalDiskMark ----------Test sequential read/write speed

‧ HD Tune------------------ Measure transfer rate

‧ Anvil's Storage Utilities----Test read/write speed

SSD evaluation article

Additional item

‧ Price/ Performance Ratio

‧ Editor's special award

【 Testing platform and software 】

Testing software

‧ AS-SSD Benchmark   1.7.473

‧ CrystalDiskMark 3.0.2f

‧ HD Tune 5.0 V5.00 CHT

‧ Anvil's Storage Utilities 1.0.51 RC6

Testing platform

‧ Motherboard:GIGABYTE Z77-D3H

‧ CPU:Intel Core i7-3770

‧ Memory:Kingston HyperX DDR3 1666MHz 2GB*2

‧ Operating system:Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

【 DRAMeXchange Banner 】

Flash news and banner placement on DRAMeXchange homepage to promote SSD performance test

【 SSD Zone/ SSD Test Forum 】

Dedicated sections for SSD performance test

【 Test Promotion– Newsletter 】

Distribute promotional newsletter to over 147,000 members.

【 2013 SSD Performance Test 】

Contact: Kirstin Wu
886-2-7702-6888 ext.630
China: Olivia Lu
Chief Editor: Ivan Lin
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