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【Performance Test】DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-60

Published Oct.18 2011,15:30 PM (GMT+8)



DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-120

DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-60


China’s BIWIN has been a player on the flash storage market for quite some time now, and has a solid reputation. As such, BIWIN’s recent introduction of the Pro series, geared towards the high-performance SSD market, has garnered a lot of attention. TrendForce tested the BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-120 and BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-060; both use the SandForce SATA II controller (serial number SF-1222), and IMFT (Intel/Micron)’s 25mm NAND flash chip.

BIWIN’s SSD products are divided into the Industrial, Elite, Pro, and Smart series, each targeted at a different application field. The following test was conducted on the Pro series, suited for average, mid-high performance notebooks. BIWIN has also established long-term cooperation with other flash OEMs like Samsung, Micron, Toshiba, Intel, Hynix, etc.

With a metal case, SATA II connector, and orange protective cap, the Pro series boasts a decent external appearance.

As for the motherboard, we used Intel’s newest chipset, pairing the high-performance Intel i5 CPU and DDR3 internal storage, with Windows 7 as the testing platform.

The following are the test results:

AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is a new SSD testing tool that provides good benchmark results as it gives an overall performance score; it gave the 60GB Pro series a rating of 365, a lower score than that which the series’ 120GB version received. Write speeds were respectable, however.

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1’s “zero fill” mode, highest sequential write speed was 256.5 MB/s, and highest equential read speed was 269.5 MB/s, similar to the 120GB results. Even in standard  mode, write speed was still over 100 MB/s.

HDTune Pro v4.60e

HDTune Pro v4.60e
HDTune Pro measured the highest average read rate as 217.2 MB/s, and highest average write speed as 157.9 MB/s.


Suitable for Low-Budget Notebook Users

60GB capacity is better suited to notebook users on a limited budget, as both Windows 7 and Windows Vista will increase the files utilization after the system update procedure, up to 30GB or so. 60GB SSD works as a system hard drive and is appropriate for price-conscious consumers as it provides decent performance at a relatively low price, enabling users to break free from the speed limitations of traditional SSD and embrace the advantages of notebooks.

The BIWIN Pro BWDSA25MCB-60 provides enough storage capacity and mid-high level performance, at a reasonable price. With a high price-performance ratio, this SSD is suitable for average notebook users. For consumers that require high-performance SSD, we recommend BINWIN’s Elite series products, which boast SATA III specifications and were developed for desktops and laptops that support SATA 6.0 Gb/s speeds.