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【Performance Test】DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB

Published Jul.05 2011,18:08 PM (GMT+8)


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DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB

DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance - OCZ VERTEX3 240GB

We have tested OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB delivered by OCZ Technology to have a look at its performance.


OCZ Technology is a famous company targeted at professional consumers as well as enterprises, offering SSDs, memory modules and Flash products.

OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB is a SATA3 interface SSD product.

We chose the motherboard with Intel chipsets as the testing platform equipped with Intel i5 processor and DDR3 memory, the bench was tested under the Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux 11.04 operating system.

Details of the specifications are shown below:

SSD Evaluation Report

SSD testing results of the test are as follows:

Linux Disk Utility

Testing on Linux is good to get rid of influence from Windows filesystem (NTFS).

You could see this OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB perform well on access lantency, read and write performance.

AS SSD Benchmark

The new benchmark of SSD is AS SSD Benchmark, it scores 718. This test clearly demonstrates the performance of the SSD under various application environments. We observed the bench with many runs, monitored and analyzed the result, found a rather outstanding performance.

CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1

With the speed of write file at 496.2MB/s and the efficiency of read at520.2 MB/s, the SSD presents a good performance in this testing item.

HDTune Pro v4.60e

We tested the average read speed and many other items in the HDTune Pro. The read and other test performances are also wonderful, at a highest speed of 338.7MB/s. The distribution of random read also looks great.

Good for NB and desktop PC

In view of IO Meter, the outcome of 22447.990364 IOPS is much high scores

In terms of comprehensive scores, OCZ VERTEX3 PRO 200GB scores very high, we recommend the product as one of the best choices of NB and desktop PC use.