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【Performance Test】DRAMeXchange 2011 SSD Performance Test

Published Mar.31 2011,10:14 AM (GMT+8)



The development of SSD and testing goals

Due to the decreasing price and diversified application of SSD, the consumptive market increases greatly and enterprise clients grow stably, leading to the annual
rise of shipment.

DRAMeXchange specializes in the accurate test and the comprehensive comparison between mainstream and advanced SSD products in the market, which will fully reflect the SSD performance and help purchasers have a better understanding about the latest SSD transfer rate and performance.

Project Benefits

  • Introduce main SSD makers to raise product sales
  • Promote brand exposure
  • Confirm product performance by DRAMeXchange expertise
  • Consolidate the maker's position and competitive edge in memory market
Participants of 2010 New Generation SSD Performance Test
ADATA Micron/Crucial Kingspec Apacer Mach Xtreme Technology Transcend Information
Carry/Gingle Richmax / SuperSSpeed Solidata Corsair Kingston Technology HugeTech(Asax)
G.Skill PQI Kingfast Intel OCZ Technology Group Silicon Power
RIDATA Patriot Memory Runcore Kreton Samsung Electronics Walton Chaintech


2010 New Generation SSD Performance Test

Product Evaluation

Evaluation type

  • NAND Flash applied in SSD is divided into two types of expensive and effective-writing SLC and cheap and effective-reading MLC
  • Based on price, capacity and efficiency, it is divided into two types of 60GB (consumption type) and 120GB (enterprising type)


  • The comparison chart of four testing scores
    A. HD Tune Pro- test data rate
    B. CrystalDiskMark- test writing & reading rate
    C. Iometer-test I/O performance
    D. Disk Utility Programme-Linux testing platform
  • The score comparison of product classification
  • The specification list of products
  • The description of evaluation articles


Project Presentation

Single Product Introduction

  • Picture and specification/performance introduction of each SSD product
  • Promote brand image and product awareness

Testing Elements

  • 4 testing items classified by price and performance
  • SSD Performance test
  • About 30 makers involved in the test
  • Completed by the end of April in 2011
  • Special comment of DRAMeXchange analyst
  • Testing results on Chinese/English websites for globalization

Testing items

Major Items:Comprehensive scores tested by Disc testing software

  • transfer rate
  • access time
  • boot time
  • copy large and small files
  • insert large and small files

Additional Items

  • cost/performance ratio
  • Warranty
  • Temp
  • industrial design(ID)

Testing Platform / Software

Specification of Testing Platform

  • Motherboard:GIGABYTE P67
  • CPU:Intel Core i5 2400 quad-core 3.16GHz LGA
  • Memory:DDR 3 Size 1GB*2
  • Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 / Ubuntu Linux

Testing Software

  • HD Tune Pro
  • CrystalDiskMark
  • Iometer
  • Disc utility program (Linux Platform)

DRAMeXchange Forum Promotion

SSD testing forum will be opened up for opinion communication, product publicity and news release

Email Promotion

Specific target group - members of DRAMeXchange

Press Release

SSD testing press will be released for media exposure

2011 SSD Performance Test-Test Project

  Contact: Jessica Chang
886-2-7702- 6888 ext.630
Media PR: Angus Hsu
886-2-7702-6888 ext.690
Press Release: Ivan Lin
886-2-7702-6888 ext.670