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DRAMeXchange’s DRAM/NAND Flash supply-side research is based on detailed surveys of memory manufacturers’ production output. The surveys break down the supply structure by manufacturer, product type, density, and other specifications or metrics. They are then brought together with additional primary and secondary research. The scope of the additional research covers data on wafer starts, gross die output from different fabrication processes (or nodes), and manufacturers’ statuses (including their inventories, process yield rates, financial performances, investment plans, etc.).

On the demand side, DRAMeXchange studies relevant OEMs, ODMs, spot traders, agents, and channel distributors through interviews, field investigations, and tracking observations. Data obtained from these means are then further analyzed within the contexts of the global economy and the existing market situation. DRAMeXchange also takes the extra steps of evaluating the future development of different applications and assessing the potential changes in their demand growth.

Also, by drawing essential information from historical spot/contract price records and supply/demand analyses, DRAMeXchange can provide its clients with accurate DRAM/NAND Flash price forecasts on a monthly basis.

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