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DRAMeXchange, a premier online marketplace, currently has members spreading the semiconductor supply chains, renowned consumer brands, as well as security houses, government agencies, and worldwide media outlets. We assist clients in forming a strategic deployment and ensure the delivery of proven profits. Addressing the business needs for DRAM/NAND Flash professionals, DRAMeXchange offers a complete array of sophisticated services that extend far beyond other market statistics services.

Our portfolio of market intelligence, which includes company deployment roadmaps, worldwide DRAM/NAND Flash supply and demand,as well as historical price data, provides clients with an unrivaled understanding of the memory chip industry.

Pricing and industry information is obtained by intensive cross-referencing with experienced traders and well-trained analysts. The most important information is filtered out from the acquired data in constantly keeping out clients up to data.

DRAMeXchange is working on extending our coverage to establish a knowledge-based research firm by utilizing top-notch information that is derived from trading and industry sources. We aim to provide all our privileged members with the most precise market trend projection and value-added services.

If you'd like to learn more about DRAMeXchange's MI Service, please go to Product & Service.

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