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The DRAM industry is entering a new era. The survivors from the previous round of consolidation are finding new business opportunities at NAND Flash and other consumer-oriented applications. DRAM chipmakers need a more flexible capacity allocation plan and more real-time market intelligence to stay competitive.

We assume the role of organizing these valuable and first-hand materials into a detailed analysis of the output per individual DRAM supplier of both the spot and contract market.

With our internal e-market department that conducts actual memory transactions in the market, we are able to obtain firsthand pricing information. The data can serve as a creditable indicator to help clients analyze the contract market trend and overall DRAM industry development.

You cannot miss our monthly report, where we give u a detailed insight of the latest development of the DRAM supply chain.

Research Coverage:

Worldwide DRAM industry dynamic analysis. DRAM supply, demand and day-to-day market data.

Key updates:

Research Scope

DRAM Worldwide Supply Update

  • DRAM Market Forecast
  • DRAM Makers' Revenue
  • DRAM Makers Quarterly Revenue Ranking
  • DRAM Operating Margin by each Vendors
  • DRAM Makers' Capex
  • DRAM Worldwide 12" Quarterly Wafer Starts
  • DRAM Makers' Fab Capacity breakdown by Brand
  • DRAM Makers' Fab Capacity breakdown by Fab
  • DRAM Worldwide Monthly Production Summary
  • DRAM Worldwide Monthly Production breakdown by Type
  • DRAM Worldwide Monthly Production breakdown by Region
  • DRAM Worldwide Process Ratio by Quarter
  • Technology breakdown by Company
  • DRAM Makers' Quarterly Production Output breakdown by Density

DRAM Supply v.s. Demand Sufficiency Analysis

  • DRAM Supply v.s. Demand Sufficiency
  • DRAM Supply and Demand Model

DRAM Worldwide Demand Update

  • Worldwide Monthly Desktop Shipment
  • Worldwide Monthly Notebook Shipment
  • Worldwide Monthly PC Shipment
  • Worldwide Quarterly Server & Workstation Shipment
  • Worldwide Quarterly Graphics Shipment
  • Worldwide Quarterly Handset Production Volume
  • DRAM Content Per Box in DT, NB

DRAM Market Forecast

  • DRAM Spot and Contract Prices Forecast by Month
  • Worldwide DRAM Production Forecast
  • DRAM Cost Structure Update

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