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【Market View】Computex2019|Kimtigo Storage Conspicuously Manifests Hard Power of Products

Published Jun.06 2019,09:09 AM (GMT+8)

Computex2019 lasting for 5 days has been closed, after working as the industrial carnival for computer hardware. Kimtigo, the Chinese brand for storage with a long history, gathered visitors one batch after another for several cycles on the exhibition hall by virtue of the hard power of its products, by which its popularity was verified once more。

The Exhibition Stand with Crowed Visitors

Kimtigo has accumulated more in different aspects for over ten years with respect to storage industry in China. It focuses on integration of research & development, production, sales and service, and specializes in providing comprehensive and professional storage solutions for customers. For the purpose of application environment, diverse product series has been designed in Kimtigo, covering enterprise level storage, data center storage, industrial control level storage, embedded storage, electronic sports level storage, consumption level storage and other areas. Besides, the customer demand oriented customized special service can be available in Kimtigo.

Hot Events of the Exhibition Occurring at Kimtigo Exhibition Stand

For Computex 2019, three product series of electronic sports level storage, embedded storage and industrial control level storage were displayed at Kimtigo stand as key products.

Electronic Sports Level Storage

Kimtigo electronic sports storage includes High End X Series -- X3, X3 Pro, X5, X6, X3 RGB and New Constellation Series -- Wolf Star Electronic Sports Storage. SSD includes P500 PCIe SSD, P600 PCIe SSD, G6 SSD with dazzle light and water cooling, etc. The RGB related products are especially loved by players of light bar.

Ultrasonic Test on Kimtigo X3 RGB at the Exhibition Stand

X3 RGB 3600MHz internal storage was tested on ultrasonic aspect at the exhibition stand, during which it exceeded 4133MHz easily based on presented data, and passed Memtest Pro 12H burn-in test. Both the above two items are evidence for stable running of X3 RGB 3600MHz internal storage. This type of RGB internal storage has been verified for light effect interaction of main board of MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, ASRock. The fantastic mode for matching environment together with sound and light was represented to audiences on-site.

Kimtigo G6 SSD with dazzle light and water cooling

G6 is great and powerful. Is it uncommon to see water cooling SSD? G6 also is equipped with RGB dazzle light! It presents amazing visual experience with the flowing light and color arising from water and light blending. Temperature of G6 can be reduced dramatically by 31 ℃ compared with SSD with common equipment. Additionally, G6 supports RGB main board linkage of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and Razer. Using G6, the players can also adjust light effect freely. The appearance of G6 has been attractive enough. However, its power is more excellent, equipped with PCIe 3.0x4 port and high standard 8 channels, supporting NVMe 1.3 protocol, compatible with large volume of 1TB. Is it temping for experiencing such fast speed?

Embedded Storage

Embedded products of Kimtigo are all the “wise man” type, which is small in size but integrates more. Such products include eMCP, eMMC, UFS, BGA SSD, LPDDR3, LPDDR4, MCP, SPI NOR, SPI NAND, etc. Each of them passed three kinds of test in terms of scheme, function, and system. The unqualified rate of client-side is less than 1‰. Their quality is much higher than the average industry standard of 3‰, which can make them suitable widely for IPC, cameras, smartphones, industrial control, smart televisions, game players, internet application service and other application areas.

Kimtigo eMCP

The size of high standard Kimtigo eMCP products is only 11.5*13mm*1.0mm. For these products, eMMC and MCP are assembled together. NAND Flash and Mobile DRAM are integrated inside the products at the same time. Furthermore, they have many technology advantages like data acceleration mode, dynamic and static wear equalization algorithm, active read interference replacement technique, enhanced ECC correction, life cycle management of bad block, power down protection without prediction.

Industrial Control Level Storage

Kimtigo industrial control level storage products covers DDR3 SODIMM/UDIMM, DDR4 SODIMM/UDIMM, 2.5" SATA SSD、mSATA SSD, SATA DOM SSD, PCIe SSD, etc. They are temperature resistant and stable. They can meet the requirement of working in rigorous environment for industrial control products, because they can run steadily for a long time in rugged working temperature, has passed temperature shock test from the low temperature of -40°C to high temperature of 85°C, and has been integrated for the ability to resist to vibration and thermal shock.

Kimtigo P3500A SSD

As well known, SSD design is like a scale, for which it is not difficult to be fast and be lasting for long, but the balance is the key. Features of P3500A industrial control product are low time delay combined with high performance, and guaranteed stable and reliable application for users. It is equipped with main control of Marvell 88SS1093, and PCIe3.0x4 channel, and supports NVMe 1.2 protocol. High speed PCIe connection is fully used for this type of product. A large quantity of hardware automation is deployed for benefiting PCIe chain road data flow, by which the higher improvement of traditional host computer control will be realized to release the true potential strength. Lots of technology of blessing are supported by it, e.g., PLP data power down protection, Wear Leveling equalizing wear technique, AES-256-bit encryption algorithm, showing its powerful function.

Kimtigo, as the professional storage solutions supplier, always believes that only products are the hard power. We wish that Kimtigo will appear in your mind when storage is referred to in the future.