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【Market View】Small Product with Intelligent Technology -- Kimtigo Embedded Chapter of COMPUTEX 2019

Published Jun.04 2019,08:56 AM (GMT+8)

Since the launch of the COMPUTEX 2019 on May 28th, the exhibition has obtained great mass favor. Kimtigo has made sufficient popularity at the exhibition site with its product endorsement. The M1035a exhibition stand continuously showed its attractive points and Kimtigo exhibition stand creates everlasting craze with the continuous stream of visitors!

Overwhelmed Popularity

Carefully Listening Customer’s Demand

Kimtigo has been deeply cultivating for more than ten years in the domestic storage field. It has been highly praised by the industry for its high professionalism, abundant product and complete specifications. In the face of different application areas, Kimtigo has developed different storage solutions and also provides customized services based on customer demand-driven. At this exhibition, Kimtigo appeared with three series of game level, embedded and industrial control level products. The previous chapter has already introduced the game level product; Now let's focus on the embedded products.

Embedded Product Series

Kimtigo's embedded products are light and powerful, although they are small but they are all of the "wise" types with intelligent technology product. The products cover eMCP, eMMC, UFS, BGA SSD, LPDDR3, LPDDR4, MCP, SPI NOR and SPI NAND, etc., applicable to IPC, cameras, smart phones, industrial controls, smart TVs, game machine, Internet application services and many other applications.

BGA SSD of Kimtigo

Kimtigo's embedded products have experienced three severe checkpoints at the program level, functional level and system level. The defect rate of the client-side is less than 1‰, the quality level is much higher than 3‰, the average level of the industry, and Kimtigo provides 7*24 after-sales technical service for customers.

eMCP of Kimtigo

Take the Kimtigo embedded major product eMCP as an example, the size is only 11.5*13mm*1.0mm, same as the fingernail size, combines eMMC and MCP, and also integrates NAND Flash and Mobile DRAM packaging. Compared with the traditional MCP, eMCP adds a built-in NAND Flash control chip, which is more convenient for managing large-capacity flash memory, reducing the computational burden of the main chip, reducing the size and saving more circuit connection design, and making it easier for the design and production of smartphone manufacturer.

eMCP of Kimtigo

At present, the process and technical requirements for eMCP products are very high, but Kimtigo's eMCP products are equipped with a lot of technology of blessing, such as data acceleration model, dynamic and static wear equalization algorithm, active read interference replacement technique, enhanced ECC correction, life cycle management of bad block, power down protection without prediction, and Kimtigo offers two capacity options of 16GB+8Gb and 16GB+16Gb to meet customer’s needs with high performance and high standards.

In addition to the unique products, there are beautiful models in this exhibition!