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【Market View】COMPUTEX 2019 Opening Consecutive Splendour on Kimtigo Exhibition Stand

Published May.30 2019,02:51 AM (GMT+8)

On May 28, the annual COMPUTEX TAIPEI, having more than 30 years history, opened normally; It will lasts for 5 day this time. Kimtigo will display its new products and development philosophy during the 5 days, together with high-tech enterprises from electronic technology industry such as hardware manufacturers, technology enterprises and venture capital enterprises, showing theirs.

All the Exhibition Staff of Kimtigo on COMPUTEX 2019

The exhibited products from all over the world have always been the core and focus topic at utmost on COMPUTEX which is one of the exhibitions drawing the most attention at Asia-Pacific region. The storage industry develops at a tremendous pace in 2019. Especially, the update of storage technology and mass production of QLC flesh memory particles enable storage products with the representative of solid hard disk to begin to enter the mass production era. Kimtigo, a domestic national brand with more than ten years development experience in storage field, exhibits its multiple storage options, e.g., industrial control level storage, embedded storage, and electronic sports level storage.

Kimtigo Exhibition Stand Surrounded by Numerous Visitors

Exhibition Staff of Kimtigo is presenting highlights of the exhibited products for foreign visitors.

The new flagship product G6 water cooling SSD, among all the exhibited products, attracted the most attention. Many fanciers are attracted as soon as it is displayed. Water cooling and RGB is combined perfectly on the product of G6 water cooling SSD, which presents amazing visual experience with the flowing light and color arising from water and light blending. Visitors attending the exhibition are willing to stop in front of Kimtigo exhibition stand and offer to understand its working principle from the staff because of the above merits of G6 water cooling SSD.

Visitors and customers offering to understand G6 from the staff

The visitors who have understand G6 wish to “own it” and “make the computer for self-use can also be cool.” This is because working temperature of G6 can be reduced dramatically by 31 ℃ compared with SSD of common equipment. Additionally, G6 support RGB main board linkage of ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and Razer. Using G6, the players can also adjust light effect freely.

Based on the unique design of RGB and water cooling combination for G6, and its high performance, the product of G6 water may will be the “Center” in the eye of its fanciers on this COMPUTEX exhibition.

G6 AIC SSD attracting more attention with perfect combination between water and RGB

Besides the flagship product of G6 AIC SSD, Kimtigo also brings the X3 RGB and other products which are loved pretty much by players of light bar. For these products, the great high frequency is displayed on site, with assistance from the cool interaction light effect of G6, having better popularity with the explosive dynamic atmosphere.

LiveDemo displays the excellent performance of Kimtigo components.

Light and powerful embedded products

The light and powerful embedded products are also attractive inside the exhibition hall. Many visitors are attracted by their application advantage like wide temperature operation, high integration, etc. The product of eMCP, one of the key exhibited products of Kimtigo, is equipped with a lot of technology of blessing, such as data acceleration model, dynamic and static wear equalization algorithm, active read interference replacement technique, enhanced ECC correction, life cycle management of bad block, power down protection without prediction. The high requirement on the market for process and technology of such products can be fully met with the above advantage.

Visitors and potential customers fully sitting at the negotiation area

Many trade workers with the purpose of visiting exhibition express that the commodity types, performance and others exhibited by Kimtigo can show the independent research and development strength of China, and the influence is becoming strong gradually on the market. They expect to witness Kimtigo on bigger international stage.

The marvelous is just beginning! For more amazing content, welcome to Kimtigo exhibition stand (No. M1035a) at 4 F, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei; We invite you to enjoy the high quality products presented for customers by Kimtigo, the professional storage supplier.