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【Enterprise News】BIWIN’s Dedication to NAND Flash - for Memory Chip Localization of Domestic Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Published Feb.14 2019,05:30 AM (GMT+8)

On November 15, 2018, the 2nd Chongqing International Mobile Exhibition was ceremoniously held at the Chongqing (Nanping) International Convention & Exhibition Center, where the complete memory chip solution series of BIWIN were shown in the international exhibition - the complete embedded solution series were presented based on the subject of “BIWIN’s Memory - Oriented Solution”.  

In addition to the regular eMMC,eMCP,nMCP,SPI,LPDDR3/4/4X chips etc., other products including: uMCP for the next generation mobile memory solution (based on UFS and LPDDR4) and eMCP (the highest capacity of 128GB+32Gb is supported) specially for flagship devices presented based on the intelligent end memory solution with high performance and large capacity, provide various precise memory solutions for all well-known mobile phone manufacturers in low end products or flagship products.   

BIWIN has been dedicating itself to NAND Flash memory after being established in 1995, and accumulated its core advantages such as original factory cooperation, technical R&D, capacity / quality guarantee, platform verification and technical service. BIWIN has developed high quality customer resources such as ZTE, TCL, Konka, Transsion, Tinno, Blephone, Innovatech, Huaqin, Waterworld, Flex and Skyworth through strengthening its memory platform advantages, considerate customized services and product quality guarantee. BIWIN will always providing more competitive memory products and solutions for mobile phone manufacturers.

BIWIN uMCP: The next generation mobile memory solution based on UFS and LPDDR4

With the quick upgrade of smartphones and increasing demand for memory chip performance and capacity, the UMCP chips of BIWIN (64GB+32Gb/128GB+32 Gb) have been provided with the top read / write speed of 800MB/s / 260MB/s and capacity of128GB.

In addition, the UFS2.1 products of BIWIN have a capacity of 32GB-512GB besides excellent performance and have been verified by Qualcomm 835 and 845 platforms.

BIWIN LPDDR: The low power consumption and small size memory chip being widely used for mobile electronic devices

The latest LPDDR4/4X products launched by BIWIN support the frequency up to 1600MHz, with lower power consumption and operating voltage (1.1V/0.6V). The upgraded performance of the products is twice that of the previous generation of LPDDR 3, realizing a longer endurance while optimizing the stable performance of intelligent devices.
The LPDDR products of BIWIN support high performance and cost performance RAM solutions and have been verified by main solution platforms such as Spreadtrum, MTK, Qualcomm, HiSilicon and Rockchips and therefore can be widely used for mobile electronic devices such as smartwatch, tablet PC and set-top-box.

BIWIN nMCP: High cost performance mobile memory solution based on NAND Flash and LPDDR2/3

The BIWIN nMCP memory solution with small size and cost advantage can well meet the memory requirements of handhold intelligent devices such as mobile phone and education electronics - the capacity combinations of 2Gb+1Gb / 4Gb+2Gb and operation frequency of 533MHz can be provided for customers. The solution can achieve higher performance density, higher integrity, lower power consumption, higher flexibility and lower cost, and has been verified by platforms such as Spreadtrum SC9820E, SC9820A and Qualcomm 8905 and 9X07.

BIWIN SPI NAND: NAND flash memory solution supporting SPI interface

With the increasing demand for miniaturization of electronic products and requirement for solution cost, peripheral solutions of memory products such as SPI NAND Flash with high cost performance are gradually drawing people’s attention. The SPI NAND products of BIWIN support a capacity range of 1Gbits~4Gbits. The products are packaged with LGA-8, the size of which can be minimized to 8×6×0.8 mm, and therefore can be widely used for mobile phone, set-top-box, optical modem, router, digital camera and communication equipment etc. The approved platform verification items are: MT7526; MT7525; ZX279127; ZX279128……

Relying on the domestic market, BIWIN can provide embedded memory solution series regarding mobile terminal and project planning application etc. by developing the international market, integrating the upstream / downstream industrial resources and continuously strengthening the advantages of the memory platform enterprise.
For business cooperation enquiries, please write to us at: sales@biwin.com.cn