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【Enterprise News】G.SKILL Announces WigiDash PC Command Panel - The Ultimate Widget Dashboard

Published Dec.22 2023,10:05 AM (GMT+8)

(21 December 2023) – G.SKILL International Enterprise Co., Ltd., the world’s leading brand of performance overclock memory and PC components, is excited to announce WigiDash, a customizable and versatile widget dashboard device. The WigiDash PC Command Panel is designed to display up to 20 on-screen buttons or widgets in a 5x4 grid, allowing users to monitor system performance, control media playback, trigger actions through customized hotkey shortcuts, display useful information, and more on the 7-inch IPS touch panel display in 1024x600 resolution. With its highly customizable interface and assorted widget functions, WigiDash is set to redefine convenience of PC control and interaction for streamers, content creators, gamers, and PC enthusiasts.

Control & Monitor with Hotkeys & Widgets

WigiDash is designed for optimizing workflow and displaying system info on a touch panel display through hotkey and widget support, making this a versatile and adaptable command panel for the PC. Hotkeys can be customized to open programs, files, links, and trigger actions in the Windows OS, so the most frequently used shortcuts are accessible according to personal needs, and can be set up to switch depending on the application in focus. Furthermore, widgets can be included in the mix to display system performance information through third party software integration, such as HWiNFO and AIDA64 SensorPanel, or show useful information while gaming or working, including widgets for clock, timer/stopwatch, weather, and audio visualizer.

Easy Customization with WigiDash Manager Software

WigiDash is highly customizable through the easy to use, yet powerful, WigiDash Manager software. Simply drag and drop widgets into the 5x4 grid on the virtual screen, the WigiDash Manager allows the creation of countless pages that can be tailored to your personal needs, and enables advanced options to customize icons, colors, and fonts according to your preferences. To further optimize workflow and increase ease of use, the "Actions" menu allows the creation of rules and triggers to automate actions on your system or in WigiDash. Additionally, the WigiDash Manager also supports profile export and import to backup or share your pages and configurations, as well as support for multiple WigiDash devices on a single PC system.

Availability & Pricing
The WigiDash PC Command Panel is available now for purchase on Amazon.com at $129.99 USD and would be available soon via other G.SKILL authorized distribution partners.
(Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CNGSPS1N)

For more information, please visit G.SKILL WigiDash product page:

For the WigiDash Manager software, please visit the download page: