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【Exclusive Interview】Super Talent Technology: Continued to develop important new products that bring value to our customers.

Published Jan.06 2009,10:29 AM (GMT+8)


Joe James, Director of Marketing of Super Talent Technology Corporation

The following interview content is extracted from the conversation with Mr. Joe James.

DRAMeXchange: Does this bad economy affect Overclocking memory product sales strongly?

Joe: Oddly, the PC gaming industry seems to do well during recessions. The demand for high performance overclocking memory hasn’t slowed down. But other aspects of the economy, such as the credit crunch and the exchange rate fluctuations, have adversely affected our sales.

DRAMeXchange: At this point of the time, what’s your opinion to Gaming market? Do any of your Gaming products have the chance to stand out of the whole product line? And what is your next step?

Joe: Super Talent was first to market with ultra fast DDR3, but now several companies have caught up. There are maybe half a dozen leading brands including Super Talent that make very good gaming memory. We continue to innovate; our Project X is a unique high-end technology, we just launched 3-channel kits for the Core i7 and X58, and we just introduced our Gold series DDR3.

DRAMeXchange: Any new product to announce in near future?

Joe: The economy definitely hasn’t affected our R&D department. Super Talent always has a stream of hot new products in the pipeline. We’re doing a lot of work in SSDs and USB drives. We just launched our Pico-E USB drive, the Pico Collection – a kit of three Pico drives, our Luxio line of high capacity USB drives, and we’re rolling out “The Godfather” USB drives which will have strong appeal to movie fans. We have more cool stuff coming soon.

DRAMeXchange: What is your opinion to EEE PC (small sized NB) market?

Joe: The Eee PC is an awesome product. Asus created a thriving new market for netbooks. Now all the big notebook makers are coming out with their own line of netbooks. What does that mean to Super Talent? More upgrades. We’re now selling budget SSDs that were tailor made for specific netbooks. Everybody always needs more storage.

DRAMeXchange: And do you think SSD Drive is going to take over DRAM market?

Joe: The SSD market has a thousand times more room for growth than DRAM. People don’t put much more than 4GB of memory in their computers, but they can never have enough storage space for pictures, digital videos and MP3s. As flash drops in price SSDs will replace hard drives as the primary storage medium. Because we started so early in the SSD market, Super Talent is now very well positioned. We’re striving to establish Super Talent as a leader in performance and high capacity, and also to offer a comprehensive range of form factors and interfaces.

DRAMeXchange: Will you change your strategy to decrease the bad affects of economy to Super Talent at this moment, or in the near future?

Joe: Our biggest problem has been the sharp exchange rate fluctuations with certain foreign currencies recently. We’ve had to scale back our sales efforts in some markets as a result of that. As exchange rates stabilize we’ll get back on track with our expansion in those markets. But in the broader picture, Super Talent is financially healthy, so the recession has certainly impacted some of our competitors more than us. We’re doing relatively well this year because we’ve continued to develop important new products that bring value to our customers.

DRAMeXchange: Can you talk about Super Talent in Worldwide market? What is the key point to become the leading company in the market? Will you keep developing other new markets?

Joe: As an American company, our strongest regions are North and South America. This year we’ve added massive resources in Asia, and we’re bolstering our worldwide infrastructure. In 2009 our investments will pay off and we should see strong sales growth in Europe and Asia where we’ve been historically weak.

DRAMeXchange: What’s your expectation for 2009?

Joe: The economy is expected to be sluggish for a few more quarters. But our work doesn’t stop. We continue driving ahead developing new products and new sales channels. We plan to focus a lot of effort on growing our Europe, Middle East and Asia sales in 2009.