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【Exclusive Interview】KINGMAX Digital Inc : Combating Fakes with Exclusive Design

Published Dec.08 2008,15:10 PM (GMT+8)


Lawrence Chang, President of KINGMAX Digital Inc

After years of exploring the global market, KINGMAX has become an established brand on consumers’ mind. The company’s prospects, however, still look bright as times goes by. As the global memory industry is seen heading into a downturn, Lawrence Chang, President of KINGMAX, is still optimistic about the desktop memory market’s future. The company will be devoted to developing products of better quality, while waiting for the market to recover from the current slump, added Chang.

Combating Fakes with Exclusive Design

Chang said, before KINGMAX entered China market, he had never expected that the company’s high brand awareness there would turn itself a victim of fake products. In order to counteract fakes, KINGMAX spent a lot of effort to design products and make it hard to be duplicated to avoid consumers getting fakes accidentally. Chang proudly presented a module board embedded with a red chip by BGA technology, which is KINGMAX patent packaging technology. KINGMAX nicknames “the red heart of Lord Guan” for the anti-counterfeiting chip. The source of the nickname is come from an old Chinese story that talks about a famous general with loyal and justice characters. KINGMAX hopes the design can help consumers distinguish genuine products from fakes right away, and thus deal a blow to unscrupulous copycats. 


Challenges and Strategies in China Market:
Achieving Market Segmentation with Red Memory Card

kingmaxChang admitted that China market is always challenging, and suppliers of all sizes are somewhat impacted by shrinking domestic demand now. Nevertheless, Chang said, China’s market is still relatively sizable and leaves much room for future development.

KINGMAX’s red memory card with PIP technology which features in its waterproof, pressure resistance and temp resistance …etc, is one of a kind in the market .

Most Desktop Memory Sold to Retail Channels

Ninety percent of KINGMAX’s DRAM products are sold to retail channels in various countries. While first-tier manufacturers usually cooperate with major brands such as Acer and Asus, KINGMAX chose to focus on retail channels. As a result, the company has found access to more than 40 countries around the world, and is expected to expand to ten more ones in 2009. Despite the downward trend in the global desktop computer market, Chang predicted that emerging countries would still have growth above 70%. Chang reasoned that slower notebook demand would not lead to a slide in desktop memory sales. Therefore, KINGMAX plans to continue developing new markets, and Chang estimated that there is room for growth for the next five years.

White Box Notebooks Seen Boosting Demand for Memory

Notebook computers will become a new source of demand for memory products. Chang said with excitement that KINGMAX’s Desktop Long-Dimm is especially designed for low-price computers, and related demand is seen emerging in the latter half of 2009. Chang has foreseen great business opportunities in the new market brought by low-price computers, and KINGMAX has also begun planning its global deployment, waiting for the right time to grab its market share.