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【Exclusive Interview】Walton Chaintech Corp: Strategy to Win - Market Deployment with Great Dimension

Published Dec.08 2008,15:08 PM (GMT+8)


Walton Chaintech Corporation

 “Memory for Life!” is the most recent slogan with puns from Walton Chaintech Corporation, a Taiwan memory module and graphics card maker. DRAMeXchange recently talked with Tarόn Chang, president of Walton Chaintech, during which Chang shared with excitement his expectation for the company’s future managing strategies.

Pioneer in SSD Market

Walton Chaintech is one of the few SSD makers in the market. Chang said SSD presents highly stable performance, and is able to withstand extreme shock and vibration. Another advantage of the product is that even when the hard disk is broken, the data can still be recovered. The biggest problem for SSD, however, is the relatively high price, limiting its popularity in the consumer market. However, Chang believed that after SSD technology matures and more suppliers invest in related R&D, SSD prices will drop amid greater competition in the market. Though optimistic about the prospects of the SSD market, Chang predicted that the market may not begin to gather steam by the year 2010. Therefore, Walton Chaintech’s current strategy is to enhance global marketing channels and expand product lines, in a bid to reinforce consumers’ awareness of the brand APOGEE. When demand for SSC starts to emerge, Walton Chaintech will always be ready to grab the market.


Breaking Production Snag, APOGEE Ready to Take OFF

Chang said, every APOGEE overclocking memory module produced by Walton Chaintech has been tested while still in the form of wafers. This process makes sure that every selected wafer is in great quality, and memory modules made from them will definitely bring greatest satisfaction to gamers. As Walton Chaintech has conquered many obstacles in the production process, the company is expected to shine in the memory market.

As for the video game market, Chang stressed importance of the Japanese market. Japan is a very interesting market, as Walton Chaintech surveys found that though most Japanese adults live with parents before getting married, a sense of alienation between persons is haunting the society. The phenomenon turns video games into a cult-like pastime, creating an overclocking memory market with special demand from gamers. Chang said demand for such gamers-only memory remains small, but it is still a niche market with great profit margins.


Strategy to Win: Market Deployment with Great Dimension

Chang pointed out that Walton Chaintech has diversified its product lines with flash memory in July. Chang emphasized that every product of the company has its own unique selling point, so he did not worry about competition with rival manufacturers. As for the new flash memory, Chang said secretively that the product is integrated with one new invention, and none of the company’s rivals is capable of the technology. He believed that the new product will bring Walton Chaintech’s operation into a new era.

Achieving Market Segmentation with Different Product Design and Packaging
Chang added that as consuming habits vary in different countries and areas, Walton Chaintech’s marketing department has cooperated with the company’s sales unit to find out the best product design and packaging styles for each market. The fact reveals that behind every successful brand, there is a devoted marketing team!