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Published Apr.11 2006,17:10 PM (GMT+8)
The stable SDRAM price trend no longer sticks to its consistency in early 2004 amid the rapid growth of output upon
Published Apr.04 2006,18:21 PM (GMT+8)
Although tablet PC has been introduced for three years, the market response is still minimal.
Published Mar.28 2006,17:07 PM (GMT+8)
Although SDRAM is closely tie with DRAM industry, its application on consumer electronics goods rather than PC,
Published Mar.21 2006,17:25 PM (GMT+8)
Global motherboard (MB) shipment should slide by 12.6% on quarter at 37.3mn units in 1Q06 amid the cyclical
Published Mar.15 2006,10:39 AM (GMT+8)
Intel unveiled the upcoming Centrino platform, Santa Rosa, during the 2006 spring IDF (Intel Developer Forum) at San Francisco.
Published Mar.07 2006,17:50 PM (GMT+8)
Ever since DDR2 starts introducing to PC market in 2004, it finally sees opportunity to rise as mainstream memory in the coming quarter,
Published Mar.01 2006,12:01 PM (GMT+8)
Apple PCs, no matter iBook or Power Book, are limited to those niche customers such as education and graphics design professions amid
Published Feb.21 2006,18:36 PM (GMT+8)
Ever since the launch of the first Macintosh PC in 1984, Apple has maintain its solid foothold at
Published Feb.14 2006,16:39 PM (GMT+8)
The arrival of Centrino in 2003 could be described as a cross standard applications consolidation for NB.
Published Feb.08 2006,17:31 PM (GMT+8)
Utilizing NAND Flash as storage media could be spotted ever since 1990. However, under the cost and relatively limit...