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Published Dec.05 2006,17:32 PM (GMT+8)
NAND Flash based memory card is the largest “consumer” of NAND Flash among its various applications, which includes DSCs, MP3 Players, mobile phones, PMPs and GPS portable navigation devices (PND).
Published Nov.21 2006,18:28 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange records global own-brand DRAM makers achieved a 19.6% QoQ revenues growth in 3Q06 (Figure 1) on DDR2
Published Nov.14 2006,18:13 PM (GMT+8)
After many years of development, the desktop market has matured into a thriving industry. Each market share percentage
Published Nov.07 2006,18:20 PM (GMT+8)
In recent years, AMD has begun to gain a bigger market share in the desktop CPU business. According to DRAMeXchange,
Published Oct.24 2006,17:30 PM (GMT+8)
For the last segment of our Special Report, we will focus on handheld devices (mobile phones, PMP, DSC, and GPS ) and the electronic
Published Oct.17 2006,17:18 PM (GMT+8)
Following last week's report on Microsoft's new Vista operating system, we now turn our attention to the development of the video
Published Oct.11 2006,17:46 PM (GMT+8)
The year 2006 has proven to be quite successful for DRAM makers. Production capacity has increased, manufacturing costs have
Published Sep.26 2006,15:30 PM (GMT+8)
Reviewing the past 25 years of PC development, the market size will be doubled to 200mn units in 2006 from 100mn in 1999 and further
Published Sep.21 2006,13:21 PM (GMT+8)
The rapid growing production value of NAND Flash prompts global memory makers project that this non-volatile memory will replace
Published Sep.12 2006,16:50 PM (GMT+8)
The overall PC market was shadowed under the inventory stockpile pressure in 1H amid lower-than-expected sales.
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