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Published Oct.11 2006,17:46 PM (GMT+8)
The year 2006 has proven to be quite successful for DRAM makers. Production capacity has increased, manufacturing costs have
Published Sep.26 2006,15:30 PM (GMT+8)
Reviewing the past 25 years of PC development, the market size will be doubled to 200mn units in 2006 from 100mn in 1999 and further
Published Sep.21 2006,13:21 PM (GMT+8)
The rapid growing production value of NAND Flash prompts global memory makers project that this non-volatile memory will replace
Published Sep.12 2006,16:50 PM (GMT+8)
The overall PC market was shadowed under the inventory stockpile pressure in 1H amid lower-than-expected sales.
Published Sep.05 2006,15:28 PM (GMT+8)
Handset is now transitioning its role from pure voice call carrier to a multimedia-oriented device. The growing demand for muscular
Published Aug.29 2006,17:08 PM (GMT+8)
The dominancy role of mature markets like US, Europe and Japan is fading out as the entire demand is slowing down and the rapid
Published Aug.29 2006,16:24 PM (GMT+8)
Adoption of multi-bit per cell architecture and migration to larger wafer size fabrication will top as the priorities for both new and experienced
Published Aug.22 2006,14:20 PM (GMT+8)
The extending coverage from traditional consumer electronics to other segments like notebooks (NBs) is widening the road of
Published Aug.15 2006,18:34 PM (GMT+8)
Global Notebook (NB) shipment that misted under the listless environment and the transition of CPU platform is reflected in the
Published Aug.03 2006,09:20 AM (GMT+8)
Based on DRAMeXchange's market research, the worldwide DRAM Makers sales revenue for the second quarter in 2006,
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