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Published Mar.22 2005,18:22 PM (GMT+8)
NAND Flash suppliers not only sell chips, but also memory cards. Below is our cross analysis between NAND Flash suppliers and types of memory card..
Published Feb.22 2005,18:25 PM (GMT+8)
The NROM cell is an N-channel MOSFET device where the gate dielectric is replaced with a trapping nitride (N) layer sandwiched..
Published Feb.01 2005,18:06 PM (GMT+8)
Since DRAM and NAND Flash products can be manufactured by the same facilities, most DRAM vendors, including Samsung, Hynix, Micron, ...
Published Jan.26 2005,10:19 AM (GMT+8)
There are lots of difficulties to be conquered in 90nm process for mass production. First, lithography tools..
Published Jan.19 2005,18:18 PM (GMT+8)
January 11, 2005, Apple launched its first NAND Flash based MP3 player (MP3P) in the market. It was named iPod Shuffle which become the ..
Published Jan.05 2005,10:35 AM (GMT+8)
In 2005, some people believe that supply from 8〃 Fab will disappear because manufacturing cost in 8〃 Fab will be ..
Published Dec.28 2004,18:27 PM (GMT+8)
The ODD (Optical Disk Drive) has been a major storage device besides HDD in PC. The WW shipment volume of ODD has a close relation with
Published Dec.21 2004,18:07 PM (GMT+8)
Since Renesas comes from the consolidation of two companies Hitachi and Mitsubishi's semiconductor divisions (excluding), AND Flash is a
Published Dec.15 2004,13:54 PM (GMT+8)
Here are the most comprehensive historical research: Special Report.
Published Nov.23 2004,18:07 PM (GMT+8)
Here are the most comprehensive historical research: Special Report.