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【Market View】2019 Embedded World:BIWIN is going to unveil industrial-grade storage products and embedded chips

Published Feb.25 2019,12:05 PM (GMT+8)

BIWIN will show customers a full range of storage solutions for mobile smart devices at the 2019 Embedded World conference, including eMMC, eMCP, nMCP, BGA SSD, SPI, LPDDR3/4/4X, etc.. As well as a full range of PC embedded storage and memory solutions, the representative products are: 2.5-inch SSD, mSATA SSD, Half Slim SSD, M. 2 SSD, U. 2 SSD, DOM series, SO-DIMMs, UDIMMs, etc., BIWIN provides you with higher performance and more cost-effective embedded storage solutions from consumer grade to industrial grade, which is suitable for diversified storage product solutions and can help customers to seize the market.

Innovative storage, professional choice!

BIWIN focuses on the development of storage technology applications and has rich experience in the application of FLASH products. It has two major hardware and software R&D bases in Shenzhen and Taiwan, and has mastered the latest technology and ensure that customers 'final product production is synchronized with the latest processes. BIWIN has it’s own complete IC package factory with international professional standards for packaging, testing, and production workshops. It can provide customers with "one-stop" customization services such as IC design, packaging, testing, and assembly. The full integrated upstream and downstream resources and full range of storage support services make BIWIN's products and services more cost-effective.

BIWIN adheres to its own advantages and is committed to provide high-quality storage products and services for the majority of system builders, brand vendors, industrial and consumer markets and also provide customers with a full range of storage application solutions including game entertainment, transportation, video monitoring, automation equipment, mobile phone, tablets, and Netcom products. BIWIN continuously optimizes the brand concept of "BI-WIN" and continuously explores the mode of storage cooperation with customers through brand licensing or agency, OEM, and investment cooperation. For example, BIWIN and Hewlett-Packard have reached a strategic cooperation and gets HP's global brand license. BIWIN is  responsible for the global sales, manufacturing, brand operation and after-sales service of HP SSD, which has quickly created a strong high-end storage brand for HP.

BIWIN spread its business all over the world, spanning more than 50 countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. It also has multinational and regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Taiwan, the United States, and Europe. With a view to the future, BIWIN will continue to innovate and customize best products and services as well as the "one-stop" solutions that are best suited to market needs.

For more information, please visit:www.biwin.com.cn/en