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Published Feb.06 2009,10:38 AM (GMT+8)
Shunning Global Financial Crisis with the “50%, 30%, 20%”Business Model
While talking to DRAMeXchange recently, Team Group Inc. General Manager Danny Hsia said the fact that the global memory industry is encountering a bottleneck recently indicates that it has reached maturity. The market will face consolidation next, during which less competitive participants are bound to be eliminated. Companies that manage to survive will continue to move on, and this more or less is good news for the entire industry, added Hsia.
Published Jan.06 2009,10:29 AM (GMT+8)
Oddly, the PC gaming industry seems to do well during recessions. The demand for high performance overclocking memory hasn’t slowed down. But other aspects of the economy, such as the credit crunch and the exchange rate fluctuations, have adversely affected our sales.
Published Dec.10 2008,09:58 AM (GMT+8)
The bad economy has affected absolutely every industry and that includes memory. However, a problem that has plagued the memory industry for more than a year has been an issue of over-supply at the chip level. The bad economic situation has lowered overall demand somewhat, especially most recently, but unit-wise Corsair has seen significant growth year over year. It is the memory chip ASP falling 90% the last 2 years which has had the biggest impact from chip makers to module makers to distributors to retailers. However, end users are very happy. The chipmakers have all contributed to this problem and are now feeling the pain.
Published Dec.08 2008,15:24 PM (GMT+8)
In the ever-changing global memory market, stories about manufacturers who compete with own-brand products are especially valuable. One good example is Hwa Ling Technology, a Taiwan memory module and flash card maker, and the company’s general manager, Helen Lee, recently shared Hwa Ling’s experience in own-brand management with DRAMeXchange.
Published Dec.08 2008,15:10 PM (GMT+8)
After years of exploring the global market, KINGMAX has become an established brand on consumers’ mind. The company’s prospects, however, still look bright as times goes by. As the global memory industry is seen heading into a downturn, Lawrence Chang, President of KINGMAX, is still optimistic about the desktop memory market’s future. The company will be devoted to developing products of better quality, while waiting for the market to recover from the current slump, added Chang.
Published Dec.08 2008,15:08 PM (GMT+8)
“Memory for Life!” is the most recent slogan with puns from Walton Chaintech Corporation, a Taiwan memory module and graphics card maker. DRAMeXchange recently talked with Tarόn Chang, president of Walton Chaintech, during which Chang shared with excitement his expectation for the company’s future managing strategies.
Published Dec.08 2008,14:54 PM (GMT+8)
Golden Emperor International Ltd.Jeff Hsieh, CEO of GeIL(Golden Emperor International Ltd.) recently talked with DRAMeXchange about the Taiwan memory module manufacturer’s market strategies and
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